A Great Experience being there ..

A Great Experience being there ..
October 16, 2017

“Dell EMC volunteers visited Raghavendra Goshala for a noble cause (Swachh Bharat Campaign), as part of cleaning campaign we cleaned up unwanted weeds and bushes around the saplings/plants which stop saplings/plants to grow. Goshala has near about 100 cows belong to different indigenous breeds from different part of India, it was wonderful experience to know about these breeds like Kankrej, Gir, Ongole, Kapila (very rare breed) and many more. People from corporates including Dell EMC are putting their selfless efforts to connect young generations with cows in scientific ways, and of course reminding about the methodologies our ancestor used to follow and cow was considered as part of family which we left behind.

Goshala people have walked us through and have shown us bio-gas plant and how it functions from start till end, comprises of feeding raw dung, its processing, producing bio-gas from it and finally utilization of that gas into generating electricity for entire Goshala unit and for cooking purpose. Apart from this Goshala people have also shown processes and machineries to manufacture organic products (healthcare, homecare and farming products) made from cow dung, cow urine (Gaumutra) and other natural raw materials”.

It was great to know Goshala people are working selflessly and putting best efforts to save cows and manufacturing products from wastage and adding value to the society”.

It was a great experience being there and thanks very much for giving this opportunity to us.



IT Project Manager