Connect With Nature Dell EMC

Connect With Nature Dell EMC
Malur Shala
March 27, 2018
March 23rd 2018,Friday @ Malur Gou Ashram

I thank you, team Gopals along with Raghavendra Gou Ashram on behalf of the entire PMCT group for such encouraging and knowledge enriching Friday session.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the whole day along with learning / understanding about desi cows and a lot of medicinal plants.The session by Thammayya sir was brilliant and realistic.

Alongside, the products purchased from the factory has been really appreciated by everyone.

Thanks again for such engaging session with great breakfast and amazing lunch.

Soujanya,Dell EMC

  1.  New learning’s
  2.  Understanding cow and how go shala works
  3.  A2 Milk benefits
  4.  Different Experienced,working on fields, factory products walk-through, session on health

Ameet,Acharya, Dell EMC

Other Testimonials 

A day well spent..we also got some food for thought. Pleased to know that some people are working hard to save desi cows. Prateek,Dell EMC

Understood the significance of Desi cows and the need to preserve them; the session by Thamaiah Ji was amazing!!,Vivek Motwan,Dell EMC