Best way to Celebrate Sankaranthi

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That was the best way of celebrating Shankranthi with our Desi Cows. Had good time with kids preparing Pongal using cow dung cakes for fire, preparing Garland, preparing doop out of cow dung. Nice to learn about Ayurvedic plants planted in Malur a dry place which are surviving because of Jeevamrutha. We learnt how to prepare Jeevamrutha which helps the soil to provide all the nutrients required by the plant and about mulching which absorbs atmospheric moisture and prevents sunlight directly hitting soil n killing friendly bacteria..Thank you for letting us know chemical free simple technique of growing plants in any condition.. It was nice to know about different breeds of our Desi cows and how they impact on the very way people think when their milk is consumed. Felt very happy playing with Calf’s.. Enjoyed being with the Sathsang people. Travel with the team Gopals helped me meet different people being volunteers in different Sathsangs, learnt a lot of thing from each one of them. We were lucky to see Yadugiri Yathiraja Mutt Swamiji and Know his experiences regarding Gou shalas which he has come across. Happy to see Gopals team distributing gifts to people who take care of Cows in Malur.. Thank you for organizing such a event.. Hoping to be a part of many such events.

-Nivetha ,Software Engineer

January 12, 2018