Join Us ! .Contribute for Sedam Tree Plantation 2019

Location: Sedam, Gulbarga, Karnataka

Sedam, a taluk in gulbarga district
Dry barren region
Dependant on rainfall for water
Facing desertification due to intense deforestation
Reduced Rainfall and falling water tables.

What we are going to do?
Tree Plantation with local varieties like pongamia, that are drought resistant.
Plantation will be done along village roads, open spaces, vacant lands in schools that will benefit public and livestock.
Plan includes maintenance of the saplings for long term.
Why we are going to do?
Conservation of Local Cow Breeds(Deoni and Jawari breeds) which are the backbone of the village Sedam and currently face endangerment.

When we are going to do?

June – July 2019 we are planning to launch thisĀ  drive .Registered volunteers as well as those who have donated for this cause will receive an mailer to join with us during the tree plantation .

Who will take care of the saplings after planting is over ?.

Team GoPals since inception believe in ownership .We have built a small team of GoPals in the village around SEDAM where we are doing to do tree plantation .The team will be headed by our core volunteer who also belongs to that region .This team consist of graduates ,farmers and professionals from villages surrounding the region.


Join us for this cause by voluntarily contributing and taking part in this exercise to serve native cows and save our nation .

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