Gau meaning Cow, Pals and here we are “Pals of Gau” – GOPALS!


We GOPALS, are a bunch of enthusiastic IT/BT/Pharma & other sector professionals & students.


Our Primary focus and interests lie in connecting with people and engaging in volunteering activities viz,

  • Swachch Goshala
  • Spreading Awareness and educating masses about Desi Breed Cows & its bi-products


Group focusses on activities which include:

  1. Frequent visits to GauShalas in and around Bengaluru and make them self-sustainable.
  2. Clean the GauShalas and premises.
  3. Spreading awareness and educating masses about Desi Cow and its bi-products which are of good medicinal importance and domestic use.
  4. Thereby wishing to bring back the early healthy society which India once gloated

It’s a good idea for a weekend getaway, a joyful opportunity associating back with the Nature, desi Cows, their calves & Trees

Like the say,

Green lovers is to Trees

Animal Lovers is to Pets

We GOPALS is to Desi Cows !