Our Focus

Conservation of indigenous breeds of Cows

Sustainable living

Sustainable living as a life style that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the earth’s natural resources and personal resources.

We are a group of professionals and their families  who propagate sustainable living and focus on reducing the carbon footprint by spreading awareness about Desi Cows.

The Desi Cow is the primary focal point of different methods of sustainability viz. agriculture ,tree plantation, energy consumption and diet. Started as a small group of IT professionals in Bangalore, we now have chapters in Bangalore,Mysore, Chennai ,Hyderabad and Delhi(NCR). We organize events at various villages and goshalas to enable people experience a direct connect with Desi Cows and understand the way it benefits the world.

Eco friendly

Eco friendly cities/villages (Gou Grama) as a shift to renewable technologies and build local environment in lines to their culture adopted over generations.

Be The Solution to Soil Pollution

Be The Solution to Soil Pollution

 Cow and Humanity -Made for Each Other

Cow and Humanity -Made for Each Other

 Our Mission

Our Mission

  1.  Provide clean and green environment to Desi Cow habitats.
  2. Conduct plantation drives in association with Corporates and Volunteers for Native Saplings & Grass in areas surrounding gaushalas and villages to support fodder for Cows.
  3. Spread awareness and educate masses about importance of sustainable living where we lead a life in ways that are consistent with sustainability ,in natural balance and respectful of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the Earth’s natural ecology and cycles.
  4. Help in creating Gou Grama (Desi Cow centric villages) and prevent urban migration by creating livelihood opportunities locally thereby promoting sustainable living and well being of people in Rural India.
  5. Conduct events, workshops and training sessions for volunteers and villagers to promote natural farming and desi cow conservation.
  6. Bridge Rural and Urban Divide by connecting farmers to the consumers.

Team GoPals

We are a Team of Volunteers . We have 1000+ volunteers so far and still counting.


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